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The Hydrogen Super Emitter (HSE) process increases solar cell conversion efficiency while reducing the number of silver gridlines. This enables a manufacturer to save money through reduced materials use (silver is the second most costly part of cell processing) while increasing the total watts produced (increased efficiency).

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Increased Efficiency

The HSE process has demonstrated efficiency gains of over 15% (relative) in the lab. Successfully translating this to industrial cells will enable a 20% efficient cell to become a 23% efficient cell.

Reduced Silver

Eliminating 1/3rd of the silver grid lines might not sound like a lot, but at the gigawatt scale it would save enough silver to coat 20 football fields with silver. Every single year.

Single Step

The HSE technology is a single step that occurs at the end of the manufacturing line. This means it minimizes downtime and reduces implementation complexity.

No Toxic Consumables

The HSE process utilizes atomic hydrogen which can be generated from tap water. No toxic chemicals or nasty by-products are needed.

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